Rape of Nanking

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World War I

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Rape of Nanking

" This was an article that posted on a Japanese newspaper. The article was about a competition between two Japanese officers, the purpose of this competition was to see who could kill 100 people first using only a sword. They even kept updating the scores of each officer for several days until the competition was over. "

Wendy Zhang & Stellar Wang Block.B

December 13,1937

Rape of Nanking [南京]

"The Forgotten Holocaust in WWII"

The Rape of Nanking was a violent and brutal event where Japanese invaders murdered innocents and committed merciless actions on Chinese civilians.

" On December 12, 1937, the day before the massacre started, Japanese army began to bomb the city of about four bombs per minute. A day later, the troops started invasion by burning everything all around the city from trees to mansion, and edifices such as the Ministry of Communication. Shortly afterwards, 2/3 of the city was destroyed because of arson. "

" This picture shows a Japanese soldier was using civilians as targets for bayonet practice. Other violent actions they have done included burning victims, nailing them to tress, burying them alive, hanging them by their tongues, and beating them for fun. "- We could see from their violent actions that these soldiers' mind was distorted.

" The “Mass Graves” was a pit that filled with 10,000 dead bodies, which were the civilians that Japanese soldiers killed during the Massacre. Some Japanese scholar strongly denied the existence of the death tolls and the Mass Graves. However, according to the researches and one of the survivors’ words, the weapons which Japanese soldiers used were found under the ground and the human remains in the graves were from ages of 3 to 65 years old including women and children. "

" From this picture, we could see the soldiers' ruthless during the war. They even fired at people who were already injured. Also, the Japanese soldiers poured acid all over people, lined them up in rows, threw gasoline on them shot them and created a big fire. "

" These Chinese women on the picture were forced to serve as sexual slaves during Rape of Nanking. General Okamura Yasuji is the officer who instituted forced military prostitution. Widely known as the system of ' Comfort Women'. It was the ugliest, filthiest, darkest sexual slave system in human history of the 20th century. Enslaved by this system, about 200,000 Chinese women suffered devastation. "


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