[2015] viliami halalilo (Reading Period 2): RAPE GIRL

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[2015] viliami halalilo (Reading Period 2): RAPE GIRL

Rape Girl by: Alina Klein

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Valerie and her best friend Mimi decided to have a party while her mother was out of town. Valerie gets very drunk and goes into the den behind closed doors with her boyfriend Adam. Everyone at the party sees this and leaves them alone. What no one knows is that Valerie gets sick on Adams expensive shoes and passes out, so nothing happens. The next day, Adam shows up at Valerie’s house while she is sleeping off her hangover. When she wakes up, Adam has undressed her and is on top of her. She doesn’t scream or fight him off because she doesn’t want her baby sister, who is playing outside the window, to hear what is going on. Valerie finally tells her Mother what happened and she calls the cops. Everyone at school finds out that rape charges are being filed on one of their popular football players. The entire school then treats Valerie like a liar and has nothing to do with her except to talk about her and call her names. Soon, Valerie’s mom talks her into joining a group therapy session to help her work through the situation. How does she suvive this difficult situation? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Significance of title: When Valerie walks into school after the rape, she hears the girls whispering “rape girl, that’s the rape girl.

Critiques:Good: Telling the story from the perspective of Valerie makes the story and the characters believable.Bad: The cover of the book projects the idea of physical safety for a female, not anything emotional. There is no self-help information included in the back of the book! A Spanish translation of the terms used would have been very helpful.

Intended audience: This book is intended for teen girls 14 and up, because of the graphic nature of the story, who are into boys and partying.

Quote: “Rape kit. My body stiffened at the words.” (pg. 29)Response to quote: This is something that people don’t think about when they dress and act the way they do. Today’s society has too many people who will take advantage of others and no one thinks that it will happen to them! We are all to hardened to these situations because of hearing about it on the new all the time.

Authors purpose: Your true friend will show up when you are in real trouble. No matter how much it hurts, you still need to do the right thing.

Recommend: I recommend this book for all teens, girls and boys so that they can get an idea of what the opposite gender feels about the situation.


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