Rap: J. Dilla

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Rap: J. Dilla

Rap:J Dilla

• Used 5 bar loops in his music• Was a producer and singer• Work contributed to the Pharcyde• Had 2 daughters : Paige and Ja'Mya• Diagnosed with lupus• Moved to Los Angeles in 2004• Released song called Donuts 3 days before death

J Dilla

Contribution to Music• Singers used his name and music in their songs• Foundation in his name that helps the development of music

• Full name - James Dewitt Yancey• Birthplace - Detroit, February 7, 1974• Died February 10, 2006• Star of Detroit's burgeoning hip hop scene• First breakout redord - Welcome to Detroit• Worked with Prince, Enchantment, Parliament• Became a solo artist• Played the violin when he was 4


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