ransom cobalt

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ransom cobalt

CobaltCoAtomic # 27Atomic mass58.9322

Cool FactsTraces of cobalt are found in the human body (3 mg)Cobalt is needed in the body to make vitamin B12. This is used to make red blood cells.At one time a Canadian beer manufacturer added cobalt to beer to keep bubbles from forming too fast. People who drank more than eight (!) beers a day, had heart damage from the cobalt and died.The name cobalt comes from the German word "Kobold" which means "goblin" or "evil spirit". Miners called it evil because the smelly gas made them sick.No cobalt is mined in the United States.

W. RansomPeriod 211-23-09

Uses in SocietyProduction of alloys used in jet engines and gas turbinesLarge magnets for industryColor glass, pottery, cosmeticsA catalyst

Physical PropertiesDuctile but moderately malleableOne of only 3 naturally occuring metalsMP=2,719FGood conductor of electricityHard, gray metal that looks like iron and nickelSolid at room temp.

Chemical PropertiesHIghest Curie point (temperature at which a metal loses magnetic properties) of any element at 1121 C.Combines slowly with oxygen in airA transition metalDoes not react with water at room temperatureReacts with most acids to produce hydrogen gas

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