Ramses the Great

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Ramses the Great

Ramses the Great was a famous pharaoh who had many military and architectural acheivements.He was born on 1303 B.C. When he was only ten years of age he was made an army commander! By the time he was 24, he had already been coronated. One of his military acheivements was not a won battle, but a stalemate. At more than two to one odds! At the time he was fighting the Hittites, a group from the Asia Minor. Years later, in 1258 B.C., Ramses negotiated the first recorded peace treaty with the Hittites.Ramses died at 90 years of age, of arthritis, hardening arteries, a hole in his jaw, and dental problems.


1303 B.C. - Birth 1293B.C. - Made an army commander1279 B.C. - Coronation 1274 B.C. - Battle of Kadesh1258 B.C. - Hittite peace treaty negotiated1213 B.C. - Deathyyyy - Event Nameyyyy - Event Nameyyyy - Event Name

Ramses had 200 wives and 156 kids! He even married some of his daughters! Wierd. On the bright side, he had the second longest rule ever, for nearly 67 years!He also had manny architectural acheivements, such as the Ramesseum (side) and the Abu Simbel (above).

Lasting Impact

His architectural acheivements are widely known and revered. When you think of Egypt, Abu Simbel comes to mind easily.


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Ramses the Great



Ramses' mummy


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