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ramses the great

Ramses The Great

By: Jacob Schmiedl

Accomplishments Ramses the Great is probably one of the most important pharaoh’s of all time. He was pharaoh from 1279 B.C to 1213 B.C. (which is 66 years). As ruler, he had the second longest reign of Ancient Egypt. During his reign, Ramses restored the religious structure from the previous rulers. Ramses had an obsession with constructing things. He built a lot of monuments. He built the Ramesseum and the rock temple of Abu Simbel. He also built the town of Pi-Ramses. Ramses built the famous tomb of Nefertari for his wife. Overall, he was so important that nine other pharaohs took his name to honor him and what he had done for Ancient Egypt.

LifeRamses the Great lived from 1303 B.C. to 1213 B.C. He lived in the New Kingdom period. His father was Set I and his mother was Queen Tuya. He married 2 wives, Neferari and Isetnofret. He had over 100 sons. The 13th son took his throne when he died. The son’s name was Mernepton. He lived with Arthritis and arterial issues later in his life. His red hair was seen in Ancient Egypt as a follower of the God Seth. In 1213 B.C., Ramses the Great was buried in the Valley of the Kings.

MilitaryRamses was a great military leader. In his 2nd year of power, he defeated the Shardana Pirates that were stealing Egyptian items. In his 5th year of reign, he lead the Egyptians in the Battle of Kadesh; which he escaped from an ambush by the Hittites. The Hittites continued to claim various cities. Ramses the Great began to fight the Hittites to regain the land he and other pharaohs have lost over the years. Battle by battle, he won against the Hittites and reclaimed the cities. Kadesh and a town named Tunip were the Egyptains again. Thirteen years later, he made a peace treaty with the Hittites. After the treaty, Ramses made the Egyptian borders strong so no one can attack them. The next time Ancient Egypt were attacked was when Ramses the Great died.

Ramses the Great-Young

Ramses The Great-died in 1213 B.C.

The Rock Temple of Abu Simbel

The Ramesseum that Ramses built

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