Ramses II

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Ramses II

Ramses ll

Fun facts!. He ruled for 66 years .He married the daughter of the Hittie king.He created the first peace treaty in the world.He was the second longest ruling Pharoah.Even though he had many wives Nefetari was his favorite .He was worshipped as a god.His mummy is known to be the best preserved .He was buried along side his 52 sons .His mummy was found in 1881

Born/died: Febuary 22, 1303 BC, 1213 BCBirth Place: EgyptRuled for: 66 years and two monthsLocation of death: EgyptGender: Male

He was appointed by his father at age 14, and was the Pharaoh of Egypt, he led many military expeditions into Levant. He also led expeditions to the south into Nubia

Ramses had about 200 wives, 100 sons, and 60 daughters!Two of his daughters were actually "promoted" to being his wives!

His powerful family, and his powerful leadership.


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