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Ramesses The ll

Ramesses The ll

Hello, i am ramesses the great! My dad's name was Seti. Before me, Seti was the powerful pharaoh around here. Seti reigned frim 1294 BC to 1279 BC, sadly my father died in 1279 bc.

In my lifetime, I achived to built some amazing structures, my most awarded one is the Abu Simbel. At the Abu Simbel, i had my name carved into the temple, so that my name would live on, and i would not be forgotten.

The Abu Simbel In Nubia

I attacked the hittite kingdom with over 20000 men, the largest known force in egyptian history, we were known as the greatest warriors. In our fight, we used the double bow, chariots, and other advanced warfare, even though the hittites out numbered us, we stood strong, and eventually won the battle of Kadesh.

During my life, i fathered over 80 sons and daughters! when they were older, i trained 12 of my sons to be a pharaoh, when i died. over all, i had Over 120 kids! I ruled for almost 7 decades! during my reign, i had 17 wives, and i was known as the greatest bachlor of my time.

This picture shows the battle of Kadesh, and how the egytians used weapons and charoits.

I played a strong role in the Exodus Story, I prepare to atttack the hittite army and Moses,moses was a part of the royal family. My father Seti said that the two men of a recent prophecy in which one will save the other become a leader. During the battle of kadesh.moses was later sent to the city of pithom to meet with the Viceroy Hegep, who oversees the Hebrew slaves. And that was the last i saw of moses.

This picture shows, what the setting of the Exodus Story might have looked like.

This picture shows a statue of the head of ramesses the great


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