Ramesses II

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Ramesses II

Ramesses II(Ramesses the Great)

Ramesses II, keeper of harmony and balance, was known to the Egyptians as Userma'atre'setepenre. He was the son of Seti 1 and Queen Tuya. Early on in his life, he defeated the Sherdon Sea Pirates. After that, he went on to attack the Hittite Empire in the Battle of Kadesh. Ramesses made the mistake of splitting up his attack force and half of his troops were defeated. Although half of his forces were now gone, Ramesses defeated the Hittites and returned home as heroes. After the battle, Ramesses went on to do some amazing things. That is why he is considered the greatest, most celebrated Egyptian Pharaoh by many.

Ramesses summary

Ramesses the Great lived to be 90 to 91 years old. When he died, he was buried in the tomb KV7. Because of looting, Ramesses was moved to a different tomb. Now, he is on display at the museum in Cairo. Ramesses was featured in many movies, the most recent in Exodus, Gods and Kings. In the Kane Chronicles, written by Rick Riordan, Ramesses II was an ancester of the main characters, Carter and Sadie Kane.

Death and Legacy

Early on during his life, he returned a hero from the Battle of Kadesh. After returning, Ramesses worked on many building projects. He also moved the capital city from Thebes to Pi-Ramesses, a city that he created. His most famous building projects are the Ramesseum, the tomb of Nefertari, and the tomb KV5. The Ramesseum is a temple between Qurna and the desert. It had two massive statues of Ramesses II, one in pink granite, one in black granite. Nefertari's tomb and KV5 are both tombs. Nefertari's was for Nefertari, Ramesses' first wife. No one knows what KV5 was for. Perhaps one of Ramesses' children. Ramesses did not just build things. He also eliminated the Amarna period. That was the time that Akenaten ruled. Akenaten made everyone only worship the god Aten and no other god or goddess. Ramesses also celebrated the Sed Festival 14 times in his life. The first one was when a pharaoh was officially turned into a god. Ramesses' crown was shaped like a helmet and had a snake in front. It was called a Khepresh or a war crown. The picture of the crown is in the top left corner.

Ramesses was the son of Seti 1 and Queen tuya. His father died in 1279 BC. Ramesses was born in 1303 BC. His first wife, Nefertari, was his favorite. In all, he had 96 sons and 60 daughters. He also had a lot of wives. Ramesses lived a long life, longer than many of his wives and children. He lived to be 90 years old.


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Ramesses' khepresh crown

The Ramesseum

Battle of Kadesh

Major accomplishments

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