Rambunctious black rhinos

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Rambunctious black rhinos

Rambunctious Black RhinosBy: Eric Bang

What can we do to Help?Do not but rhino horns and donate money to help rangers across africa get the equipment they need to stop poaching.

DietBlack Rhinos feed during dawn, dusk, and night. They feed of trees and bushes by plucking the leaves and fruit with there lips.

HabitatOnce the Black Rhino lived in most of sub-saharan africa due to poaching, but now almost exctinct. Black Rhinos live in the African savanas and tropical and subtropical grasslands.

Why is it Endangered?Humans hunt them for their horns and sell them as decorations. Habitat loss and poaching are also other reasons why Black Rhinos are endangered. They are also hunted for a hard hairlike growth used for medical uses in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Physical CharactersticsBlack Rhinos are actually gray. They have a pointed upper lip and a sharp sense of hearing and also a good sense of smell

Interesting FactsRhinos horns grow up to 3 inches a year and can get up to 5 feet. Except for females and babys Black Rhinos are solitary. Black Rhinos are wallowers which means they roll in mud and use it as a bug repellent or sunblock.

These are not good reasons to kill us!


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