Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Ralph Waldo Emerson


Nov.1,822: First Publication.Dec, 1838: Travels to Europe.Nov. 15,1833: First Lecture.Aug. 31, 1837:"The American Scholar" speech.1847: European Lecture tour.1852: Decries SlaveryJan. 29, 1835: Start Lecture Series.

Emerson's movements sparked Transcendentalism.Emerson traveled to Europe and shared his ideas with European writers & thinkers during the late 1800s.His eassys and lectures expressed the individualistic mood of the 19th century.As a northerner, Emerson became a leading critic of slavery in the 1850s and then an ardent supporter of the Union during the Civil War.

Lasting Impact

Emerson evoked the nationalistic spirit of Americans by urging them not to imitate European culture but to create an entirely new and original American culture. His essays & poems argued for self-reliance, independent thinking and the primacy of spiritual matters over material ones.


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Ralph Waldo Emerson


Name: Ralph Waldo EmersonBirth Date: May 25, 1803Schooling: Harvard University,Boston Latin Univversity, & Harvard School of Divinity.Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts.Place of death: Concord, Massachusetts.Family life: father died when he was eight, his 3 brothers died, his first wife died at age 20, he married Ellen Tucker in 1839,his son died at age 5, & he was the 4th of 8 children.Basic Life:Emerson became a preacher to the Unitarian Community in 1826. His work was based on personal exploration of the uses of spirits.


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"Trust Thyself"


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