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Ralph Lauren



Ralph Lauren has commited to be environmentally responsible. They intend to meet the environmental standard. They discuss the environmental climate and energy when making their clothing.


Ralph Lauren is a clothing designer who designs clothes for all ages, boys, girls, men and women. Ralph Lauren can be found in may places of the world from Australia to New York.

The designs of Ralph Lauren help and improve our lives as we wear clothes everyday and that is what he designs, something that helps us to either keep warm or cool.

How it improves our lives?

Lauren's Work


"I don't design clothes, I design dreams." Ralph Lauren

Interesting Facts1.The company was started by Ralph Lauren in 1967.2. He decided to start the company when he received a $50,000 loan.3.The first product ever created by Polo Ralph Lauren was men's ties.4.Ralph Lauren's famous Polo t-shirts were released in 1972.5.Ralph Lauren Polo t-shirts originally came in 24 colors.


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