Raising The Minimum Wage In The United States of America

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Raising The Minimum Wage In The United States of America

Raising The Minimum Wage In The United States Of America

Cons of Raising Minimum WageIf the minimum wage was to be increased many business may lose money by having to pay their workers more. The costs of some products may also increase because business will need to earn more money to compensate for the extra pay they are giving their workers. The amount of people being hired may also change because employers might become more reluctant to employ people if they know they'll have to pay them more. Along with that the affectiveness of raising the minimum wage may vary from state to state because several states have a minimum wage less than the federal one.

Pros of Raising Minimum WageRaising the minimum wage would enable large amount of minimum wage workers to fully support their families which many are incable of doing with their current pay. Along with that many minimum wage workers live in poverty and depend on goverment programs for everyday life, so raising the minimum wage might bring that percentage of Americans out of poverty and allow them to independently support themselves. Actual increasing the minimum wage could cause economic stimulus sending more money into the economy.

Thesis StatementEven though there will be an increase in the cost of some products, the minimum wage should still be increased because minimum wage workers deserve a fair pay that will eventually result in economic stimulus.

OpinionI believe that the minimum wage should be raised in America, because the current minimum wage is to low for minimum wage workers to fully support themselves, so many have to recieve government aid.


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