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Environmental Studies

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RainforestsBy Luke Hurley

Sun Bear-The Sun Bear is found in the Rainforests of South-East Asia.Toucan- Found in central and South America. They are a medium sized bird with a long, colurful beak.Red-Eyed Tree Frog-They are found in lowland Rainforests near ponds and streams.

Rainforest are the worlds oldest living eco-systems. They are a place beauty and wonder, but unfortunately due to deforestation Rainforest only cover 6% of the earths surface. There are over 30 million species of animals and plants found across the Rainforests. That is half of all known species!

These are some of the largest Rainforests around the world The Amazon Rainforest in BrazilThe Congo in central AfricaValdivian Rainforest in Argentina and Chile

Picture of a Toucan

Amazon Rainforest Birds Eye View

The Baniwa people live on the edge of the Amazon Rainforest in villages next to a river. The Baniwa people are extremely skilled at basketry or weaving. They harvest the materials from the Rainforest and use it to make baskets. After they have finished the baskets they sell them at Brazilian markets. They hunt,gather and fish for food that they find in the Rainforest for the Tribe.

Deforestation:Large masses of Rainforest are cut down each year.This beautiful place is home to half the worlds species so if Rainforests dissapear so do half of our known species.Floods :Floods happen in the Rainforest when parts of the canopy are chopped down and rain will fall to the floor instead of being caught inthe canopy. When it floods in the rainforest it pulls up all the rich soil that the plants use to get their nutrients. If this soil is washed away all the small plants will die because that is their only source of nutrients since the canopy blocks most of the sunlight.Agriculture: People will chop down trees and clear land for farms because of the rich soil. They will also bring in foreign animals and possible diseases.

Deforestation:They have stopped the issue of deforestation by only reducing the amount people cut down trees.Floods: To stop this they make sure people don’t establish farms to close to Rainforests. Agriculture: To stop this the locals are given talks on other methods to get food such harvesting nuts and other foods found in the Rainforest.

Beneath the canopy



Picture of a Sun Bear

Baniwa Tribe



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