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As you can see rainforests known for its climates, high temperature, and rain.. Near the equator the precipitation usually rainfall heavy almost everyday of the year. Due to the fact that it rains, it also increased the level of humidity.

The Rainforest

There are five rainforests located in this map. Central America, The Amazon, Africa, Southern Asia, and Australasia.

Green = Rainforests

Macaws are a type of birds that found in the rainforests.

Trees Frogs are a very common type of frogs that live in rainforests.

Emerald Tree Boa is one kind of snakes who live in rainforests.

Capuchin Monkeys inhabit rainforests from Central America to northern Argentina.

Panthera Pardus leopards are highly adaptable and can be found in habitats from deserts to rainforests.

What type of animals live in rainforests?



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