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Rainforests 4

Sustainability means that the object is not hard to maintain, and will not run out. If something is sustainable, it means is can be used and reused, and will not hurt the production or growth of it. If a forest is sustainable, the trees are replanted, and are allowed to grow before being cut down. Many resources, such as oil, trees and coal are not always sustainable as they can run out very quickly but take many years to be produced. We are using our natural resources before they are given time to make more.

What is sustainability?

More than half of the worlds rainforests have been cut down and destroyed for the farming of wood. Now only 6% of the Earth is covered with rainforests, as opposed to the 14% once before. Threats rainforests experience include deforestation, slash and burn, landfill , mining for oil, coal or other materials, hydroelectric projects flooding and governments destroying sections of rainforests for transport or other services. If we do not protect the rainforest, hundreds of species of flora and fauna could die, and the worlds oxygen would suffer.

Environmental problems

Many people are fighting to save the rainforest, organisations and charities such as "rainforest rescue" and "rainforest Alliance" have begun to support the preservation of the rainforest and its resources. There are also some simple ways to halp protect the rainforest, such as buying products that don't use Palm Oil, donating to charities, recycling, support the "Protect an Acre" program, educate others of the importance of the rainforest and support companies that try to minimize damage to the environment.


Are humans fighting for the rainforest?




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