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Strangler Figs

Epiphytes grow on the trees trunks and have a pit to collect falling water and leaves to get nutrients.

Strangler figs grow around a trees trunk and suck out the nutritions that then kills the tree.

Liana vines just grow from tree to tree it also protects weaker trees from strong winds.


The Giant Stinging Tree

Red Cedar

Moss and Lichen

Red cedar was once almost completely cut down for the use of timber and furniture making.

Lichens form a fascinating example of cooperative relationships in nature, with the fungus using the algae or bacteria to produce energy

Ferns are vascular plants that use xylem and phloem.They reproduct by using spores.

The giant stinging tree is disliked by many people because of its reaction of the stinging hairs to the human skin.

LIilly Pilly

Lilly pillies are evergreen rainforest plants with glossy green leaves.


Rainforests yourself

It has become a harmful weed in many areas where it has been used as an ornamental plant.

Moss are no vascular plants and are usually 1cm to 10cm tall but some can be taller.

Coachwood (Ceratopetalum apetalum), also called Scented Satinwood or Tarwood, is a medium-sized hardwood tree, straight-growing with smooth, fragrant, greyish bark.

Sassafras is a genus of three extant and one extinct species of deciduous trees in the family Lauraceae, native to eastern North America and eastern Asia.


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