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This biome ultimately gets its energy from the sun.

By Chinatsu Banno


A Food Web of a Tropical Rainforest Trophic Level1-Producers= Green Trophic Level2-Primary Consumers= Orange Herbivores= Green Outline Trophic Level3- Secondary Consumers= Purple Carnivores= Black Outline Trophic Level4- Tertiary Consumers= Red Deprivers= Red Outline Decomposers= Brown

The climate is hot, humid, and lot of rain. Rainfall is about 1500 and 2500 mm. The temperature range during the day is 30 - 35 degrees C(86 -95 degrees F) and at night, 20 - 25 degrees C(68 -77 degres F). It is an equatorial climate. The soil is poor in this area due to the rain washing away a lot of the nutrients.

This is a photo of the Hoh temperate rainforest in the Olympic National Park in Washington State.

Prop roots help support plants in the shallow soil.

Some plants collect rainwater into a central reservoir.

Toucans' long and large bill help to reach fruit on branches.

Sloth's blue-green coor helps to camouflage from predators.

Mutualism: The ants protect the fungi from pests and mold and also feed it with small pieces of leaves. The ants keep their larvae in the fungi which protects it and feeds it.

Parasitism:The strangler fig starts out life growing on a branch of a tree. It grows both downwards towards the ground and upwards to the sky, while also winding around the tree. The strangler fig kills the tree by stealing sunlight and root space after enveloping it.

Commensalism:Bromeliads, to get enough light, grow on high branches of trees. This does not do any damage to the tree itself, but it allows the brmeliad to survive.



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