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Global Warming & Solutions

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Layers of the RainforestIn the rainforest there are 4 layers of the rainforest the're the Forest floor, Understory, Canopy and the Emergant layer.Introesting Facts3 introesting facts i have learnt about the rainforest is 1) that there are 4 diffrent layers in the rainforest. That the Sloth is a real animal. And that there is a animal called a Tapir.Weather & climateThe rainforest is very Warm and Wet. Mixing them together it creates a damp, hot feeling.


Globle WarmingSiences are noticing that the clouds are getting higher in the sky and that is making it dryer so that is causing the flora and forna to dry out get thirsty.

Supplies from the rainforest We get coffe beans, medicen and wood and much more.

Animals2 animals from the forest floor are scorpians and army ants.2 animals from understory are the poison dart frogs and the passion vine butterfly.2 animals from the canopy are green tree frogs and the three toed sloth. 2 animals from the emergant layer are the tocan and the sharlet macan.Food chainA food chain is the way energy goes from one living thing to another.

What is a RainforestA rainforest is a humid and damp forest.

Amazon Rainforest

Amazon RainforestThe Amazon Rainforest is in Africa

Threats to the Rainforest

People are cutting down more trees affecting the fluna's enviroment and habbiat.

Pink dolphin


2 ways to help the enviroment1) Do not let people cut down the trees and bild roads.2)Replant all plants,.


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