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Earth Sciences

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These are some vines you will find in a rainforest. They are call lianas.

As you can see there are a lot of trees in rainforests.

It obviously rains a lot in rainforests. It stays approximatley the same tempurature year round. The reason for this is, is because rainforests are located near the equator.The average tempurature in a rainforest is 25 degrees C. (70 degrees F). In a year the average amount of rainfall is 250 cm.

Rainforests are generly located near the equator. You will find them in warm moist areas and tropical areas. Some of the places are Mexico, and Africa. It looks like a world of green especially because they are so green! There are huge trees and rivers. It is like a giant canopy of trees hanging over flowers.


Rainforests Galore!

This is a pond that is in a rainforest.There are lots of plant too.

Some of the plants you might find in rainforest are bromelaids, they are a pineapples cousin. Then there is a epiphytes, they grow almost every where in a rainforest After that there are lianas and stilts, these are vines. And of the venus fly trap.


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