Rainforest & Ethiopian highlands

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Rainforest & Ethiopian highlands


The people/culture: The rain forest is home to losts of native hunting groups, there are 200,000-250,000 these people are known as "pygmies" and most of them are less than five feet tall.

Overview: Home to half of the contenents species many people come to see the rainforest the forest and its animals are in danger because of poachers and construction

Eco info: temperatures in the rain forest are usually a humid 80-73 degrees ,the rainforest produces about 63-79 inches of rainfall each year


Overview: Hailed as the cradle of humanity ethiopia boasts about human history that dates back millions of years and is home to 80 percent of africas largest mountains.

Eco info: T he highlands are usually 61 degrees with steady sunshine, it also gets 80 inches of rain each year, which is good because it makes soil very wet which makes farming easier.

The people/culture: The cultures of ethiopia are very good examples of traditional culture.


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