Rainforest by Samantha

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Rainforest by Samantha

The emergent layer is the name given to the tops of trees that poke up above the rainforest canopy. It is very sunny here and only the strongest and tallest plants reach this level. Anything above 45meters (or 150 feet) in height is likely to be high enough for a tree to find itself in unbroken sunshine.

The canopy is a dense layer of vegetation, where trees seem to merge or overlap at about 30-45 meters (100-150 feet) in height. Much sunlight is blocked by this layer as a result of the large thick, overlapping leaves that absorb a lot of sunlight and shade the plants below. The canopy layer is teeming with life as it is rich in the fruits and seeds. Animals such as insects, birds, monkeys, and seeds. Sloths are found here. (90% animals in rainforests).

The understory is a tangle of shrubs, young trees, saplings, palms and vines. It is hot and damp here and the air is very still. This layer is dark. Plants here see very little sunlight compared to those up in the canopy. Lack of light limits plant growth and those successful at surviving here must have a special adaptions to deal with the gloom.

The forest floor is a dark and damp place, home to ferns, fungi and moss. Many leaves are spread across the floor, rotting in the damp and hot conditions. Very little sunlight reaches the forest floor. On the forest floor you find lots of insects that feed leaf litter and break it down into nutrients that plants can use.

The rainforest is a magical place, do you want to explore with me?



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