Rainforest and Reef Ecosystems

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Rainforest and Reef Ecosystems


Temperature-77 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit LightSalinityDepth- 197 feetWave motions- take away waste and bring in food



-Availability of Food-Predators-Land-Rainfall-Proximity to others of the same species-Temperature-Sunlight

Abiotic Factors

Rainforest and Reef Biomes

OrangutansLizards LiliesPink DolphinSnakesFrogs

-Pollution-Disease-Over-fishing-Sedimentation-Bleaching caused by rising ocean temperatures

Limiting Factors

-Orangatans' reddish brown color camoflauges them -Orangutans' brown eyes let them withstand the sunlight-Pink Dolphin's long beak lets them get their prey-Snakes can swim well-Frogs also use their color for camoflauge

-Trigger Fish can make themselves look bigger by raising one of their fins-Clownfish have elvoled so much that they're not harmed by sea anenome stings-Angelfish can withstand many aquatic conditions


TriggerfishHawkfishAngelfishClownfishRegal Tang

Biotic Factors

Symbiotic Relationships

Parasitism- Star fish strip down corals for nutrientsParasitism- Worms dig into the coral for shelter, killing the coralMutual- Zooxanthelle live in the crevices of corals and provides oxygen to the coral and recieves the carbon dioxide to photosythesize

Mutualism-Some catapillars have a sweet residue on their backs that a certain type of ants eat. In return the ants protect the catapillars.Parastism- A fly will ay eggs on an ant and the eggs will dig into the ant's body Commensalism- flower mites crawl into a hummingbird's nasal passage and travel to another flower


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