Rain on the Scarecrow

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Rain on the Scarecrow

Rain on the Scarecrow

John worte this song about how farmers suffered financial difficulties in the Midwest US.In the 1980s, many farmers were carring to much debt, many problems in the economy forced interest rates to historical highs. Historical highs is what the highest level that something such as something like price or interest rate has ever been. As a result, many farmers were forced off there lands.

John Mellencamp



Rain on the scarecrow Blood on the plowThis land fed a nation This land made me proudAnd Son I'm just sorry there's no legacy for you nowRain on the scarecrow Blood on the plowRain on the scarecrow Blood on the plowThe crops we grew last summer weren't enough to pay the loansCouldn't buy the seed to plant this spring and theFarmers Bank foreclosedCalled my old friend Schepman up to auction off the landHe said John it's just my job and I hope you understandHey calling it your job ol' hoss sure don't make it rightBut if you want me to I'll say a prayer for your soul tonightAnd grandma's on the front porch swing with a Bible in her handSometimes I hear her singing "Take me to the Promised Land"When you take away a man's dignity he can'tWork his fields and cows

Summery of Song

This song was very close to his heart especially since he was one of the co- founders of Farm Aid, which is an organization dedicated to supporting American family farmers. When he was working with Neil Young and Willie Nelson, Mellencamp helped with organizing the first Farm Aid concert in 1985 and has worked actively on the charitys behalf since.


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