Rain Forest

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Environmental Studies

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Rain Forest

Rain Forest

AnimalsThere are lots of  animals in the rain forest so here are some of them:.lots of birds.lots of monkeys.some jagwar.different insects.very little frogs.some lizards .lots of gorilla some vampire bats

location:close to the equator and close to pacific northwest of the USAsize:6.9 million square kilometers and 2.75 million square miles climate:very humid and about 27 degrees Celsiusrainfall: 125 to 660 cm rain fall yearly

Most of the trees and plants have adapted to the heavy rainfall. There are leaves that have dripped tips on them. Jaguars have dark spots on them to blend in for their prey. An anteater is a big mammal and its diet are ants. They have skinny tongues and they have a narrow nose.



fact 1 : rain forest only covers 2% of the world but actually 50% of animals and plants in the world are in the rain forest.fact 2: rain forests  are the forests that get the highest amount of rainfall.

Interesting Facts

Plant LifeHere are some of the plants in the rain forest:.rod leafs.big trees.leafs.grassed trees.normal trees.vines.roots

The biggest human impact is people cutting down trees, using the land for farms and hunting down animals. Humans also have a positive impact of them stopping people from cutting down trees and protecting the animals.

Human Impact


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