Rain Forest

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Rain Forest

Rain forest are located in eastern Madagacar, south America, Afica,Asia,Australia

SourcesBiomes of the world''World biomes for children'' ''What is it like where you live''Life in the rain forest. Rain forest worlds

The soil in the rain forest is mostlymoist soil.The weather is 70-85 d.f.Rain forest are warm all year and it rains 80-400inches of rain each year.

Leaves are thick with grain tops to drain away water. Lianas grow and when growing it grows roots in the group.The trees produce butteress roots to help it to stand.

Living in the Rainforest!


Climate/weather/soil conditions



People are cutting down trees to make lumber,they are also clearing the rain forest for farming. Drugs are beening thrown ito the plants so animals cant eat,STOP POLITING.


A animal in the rain forest is a white tailted deer it is a plant eater and a very fast runner. A chimipazees musle is strong , 2 times stronger than a human.

Other interesting facts

Human Interaction

The rain forest has 4 layer the first one is called the Emergent ,canopy,the under story,and the forest floor .Another fact is that rain forest provide oxygen.

Humans can live in the rain forest.It provides them vanilla, ginger, bananas,black pepper,sgar canes and many more for people. People that live in the rain forest also become farmer and grow plants.

By Elena Ameli

This is a picture of a chimpanzee climbing a rope.

This is the location of the rainforest.

This is a picture of workers making lumber!

This is the 4 layers in the rainforest.

This is a graph of how many inches of rain each month.

This is a Liana tree growing.


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    I think you should move up the text for the problem and solution so you can read it , but I really like the way its set up!!!!!!

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    Wow i love your glog there are a lot of intresting facts like leaves have think drain tops to drain away water.I have learned a lot about rainforests from your glog i love it.I also discover that you put a lot of pictures in your glog so that other people can get an image of what you wrote

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    When I looked in the soil conditions/weather climate box I saw that most of the soil is moist soil.


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    i never new people are cutting down trees to make lumber.

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    I knew that people were cutting down trres but I didnt know they were cutting down trees to make lumber.