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The Great Railroad Strike of 1877

The rights of the workers during this time period were to have good working conditions and pay that matched their work load. It was the federal government's responsibility to ensure that these workers had these rights. In 1877 when these rights of the workers were violated they outlashed in a nation wide violence. Eventually the strike was put to rest but did give the rail workers what they wanted and led to better labor unions who made sure that workers were given their rights.

It was also the responsibility of the government to handle stikes with appropriate measures instead of causing tragedies with the killing of innocent civilians. It was the railroad workers right to express their opinion about the unfair labor issues.

Rights and Responsibilities


"The strike is not a revolution of fanatics willing to fight for an idea. It is a revolt of working men against low prices of labor, which have not been accomplished with corresponding low prices of food, clothing, and house rent."-Anonymous Baltimore Merchant



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