Rail Roads

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Rail Roads


Rail roads

Towards the second half of the 19th century the development of trains as a majority form of transportation of both people and goods were used throughout United States . Railroad services were able to provide service from most major cities to the most isolated country sites and farms. However, it was until after World War I, that car, buses, trucks came into use and exceeded the importance railroads services.


LA Times Bombing

A strike against the Baltimore ' Ohio railroad ignites a series of strikes across the northeast. The violence and disturbances that follow result in Federal troops being called out for the first time in a labor dispute. The strike is crushed, but it gives evidence of the deep conflict between workers and business owners

Anthracite coal is discovered at Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania

1954 Piggyback service (truck trailers carried on flatbed rail cars) first offered by several railroads.

Western miners and other activists form the Industrial Workers of the World at a convention in Chicago. The IWW, or Wobblies, is one of the most radical of all organized labor groups. Though they will achieve only limited success in moving their agenda forward, they will inspire generations of labor activists with their militant spirit.

A bomb explodes at the headquarters of the stridently anti-union Los Angeles Times, killing twenty people. Eventually two men connected with the Iron Workers Union, which has been implicated in other bombings, will confess to dynamiting the Times.


Railway Strike


Coal is found


IWW Founded

Piggyback service


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