Raiders of the lost ark

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Raiders of the lost ark

* Released Date: 12 June 1981.* Runtime: 115 minutes* Director: Steven Spielberg Stars: Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Paul Freeman* Filmed in England, UK, Borehamwood, HertfordshireSan Francisco, CA, Hawaii, etc.


Played by - Harrison Ford Indiana Jones is able to rescue Marion, the damsel in distress several times throughout the movie, from the Nazis and from dangerous situations. The Hero/Indy, is able to always find a unique way of solving problems that no one could possibly think in such harsh circumstances. Besides being able to think fast, strong, he is also very smart. He is a college professor and knows alot about archeological findings.

Marion, played by - Karen Allen Marion plays the damsel in distress. She continually gets stuck in sticky situations where she needs help from Jones. She is captured by the Nazis or is being held under harsh interogation. Marion is clumsy, yet she is strong and is always able to defend herself some how. Wether she is able to cause an accident or use a hot pan as a weapon she gets through.



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Indiana Jones : Raiders of The Lost Ark

Indiana Jones



Indiana is called upon to get the ark of the covenant. The initiation starts when two government officers contact Professor Jones at campus and want to learn more about why the Nazis could be so compelled to Ark of the covenant. They spark his interests in finding and recovering the arc, and his wishes are granted. The officers ask him to get the ark before the german nazi do anything with it, in their hands.


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