[2015] Enrique Casiano: RaiderMania

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[2015] Enrique Casiano: RaiderMania

Takis. More and more complaints have led to suing companies like the Cheetoe company. Children are still willing to buy a large bag of hotfries even if they know it causes massaive tears in your tissues and we'll be back after the break with other stories on RaiderMania.

Kids have been telling their parents that their stomachs are hurting leading them to take them to the doctors. Results say that holes have been appearing in their stomachs, this happens because of the kinds of foods you eat that are unhealthy, are hard to digest, and make your stomach acid fill up in your stomach and create holes. Hot Cheetos have been the cause of this tragedy. More and more kids are eating too many of those hot and acidy cheetos or

Issues In The Tissues

Enrique Casiano

Our problem has been solved! A few months ago, a baby was found crying near a trash bin when suddenly a nearby woman from the name of Gillian Shopper said she heard the cries and found the baby girl. She immedietly took her to the NYPD which handed the baby to the Adoption Services. Seven months later something wonderful happened...the heroic mother of what she is now called,"Juliet Shopper'', is the woman who found her near the trash bin months in the streets of New York City. Isn't that just adorable E.J? We'll catch up to you later on RaiderMania.


Claudia Hernandez

Harlingen Tx. NewsCast

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Problems In The Streets of NY


Reporters have been asking kids what season do they prefer, summer or winter. Most kids chose summer because the places that they can go to like the beach and waterparks, and who doesn't a relaxing vacation? Some kids chose winter because in some places it snows and they get to build snowmen, throw snowballs, and make snowangels. They are both a fun and cool season for kids to play in.

We asked scientist what would happen if you got bit by a zombie. Well we got answers! First, you would start puking. Second, your skin starts peeling off. Then, coughing blood would be an issue.You would often have moaning, memory loss and blood shot eyes. Finally, you would become a cannibal and eat everyone around you. Don't worry it will never happen or will it...:]

Zombie Steps

Snowballs or Sandy beaches





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