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Rahul Potluri - Biography

Rahul Potluri

Dr. Rahul Potluri was born on December 19, 1983 in India and is still alive today. He is an only child. He is a British-Indian physician who attended King Edwards VI Five Ways School in Birmingham, then completing his undergratuate training at the University of Birmingham. He trained clinically in medicine and cardiology in London and Manchester.


Scientific Contribution

Dr. Rahul Potluri as published over 150 papers on things such as the weekend effect in hospitals to the link between cholesterol and breast cancer. For example, on July 4th, 2014, a fourteen year study was released in which a link between high cholesterol and breast cancer was found. Potluri said, "Our preliminary study suggests that women with high cholesterol in their blood may be at greater risk of getting breast cancer." This could be a great discovery because breast cancer could be prevented with statins.

Life Obstacle

While Dr. Potluri's adult life was very successful, he had to overcome some challenges when he was younger. At age 8, he moved from India to the UK, where he had to overcome racial prejudice. In the end, this is what motivated him to become so successful.


In conclusion, Dr. Rahul Potluri has made a great imact in the scientific and medicla community today. With his research, we can work torwards curing and preventing breast cancer, along with a number of other advances in the medical field. Women and men can now work towards eating better to be able to prevent themselves from getting breast cnacer. If they do happen to develop it, they can take statins and other cholesterol medicines to help get rid of it.

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