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Fun Fact:They can bounce off of rainstorms, airplanes, tornados, and you will still be able to hear them.

Heinrich Hertz, a German physicist, is the person who discovered radio waves. Hertz proved the existance of radio waves in the late 1880's. He experimented and tested with rods and a reciever to produce a spark. He showed that signals possessed the properties of EM waves.

Fun Fact:These waves can bounce around Earth and even off clouds.

These waves come from excited electrons that return to their normal state.

-Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic wave. -The frequency can range anywhere from 3 Hz to 300 GHz. -The wavelength ranges from 1 mm to 100 km.-They are a very low energy wave and also have the longest wavelenth: AM radio waves can be longer than a football field while FM radio waves are only 3 meters long.

Radio Waves

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Used for radar, broadcasting, and radio communication

Some examples would be cellphones, radios, or televisions.

The only heath effects found on humans that has been scientifically established is a warming effect on human skin. Radio waves have the effect of a microwave oven on human skin, even though the warming is on a much smaller scale.

Used for MRI's in Hospitals



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