Radiologist Technician Career Project

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Radiologist Technician Career Project


by: Koral Schuster

What do I do?

Job Summary:A Radiologist Technician takes X-rays, and CAT Scan. They may also administer nonradioactive materials into patient's blood stream for diagnostic purposes.Career Pathway:A radiologist Technician works in the Therapeutic Services Pathway. The Therapeutic Service Pathway is working with patients, providing care, treatment, counseling, and health education information.Career Goals:A radiologist Technician's goal it to take quality images of the located area of the patients body, practice safety measures, communicate with the patient, family, and staff, and maintain professional behavior while working effectively.

Education Requirements:The Typical Education is an Associate's degree. There is no on-the-job training or work experience required.Wages:In Wisconsin, a radiologist technician gets paid about $25.92 an hour. That is about $53,900 a year. In the United States, a radiologist technicians gets paid about $26.50 an hour. That is about $55,100 a year.Trends:In Wisconsin, a Radiologic Technician had 5,170 employments in 2008. and is expected to rise to 5,840 in 2018. In United States, a Radiologic Technician had 219,900 employments in 2010, and is expected to rise to 281,000 by 2020.Skills:They need to know how to operate and work all machinery, how to adjust the quility of the images, how to communicate with patients, family members, and staff, also how work effently so the patient can be treated faster.My Connection:I have had many x-rays and three mri's, and I think that how they take pictures of my bones so quickly is fascinating and very interesting.What influenced me in this career?I have had many mri's and other scans that I thought were intersting to look at and see them.



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