Radioactive Wastes and its effects

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Radioactive Wastes and its effects

Radioactive Waste and its Effects

Nuclear waste defined:the radioactive by-products from the operation of a nuclear reactor or from the reprocessing of depleted nuclear fuel.

Tie in:Nuclear waste is a common type of human pollution that negatively affects the environment

Disposal:-Disposed improperly -poisoning air, water and soil-Temporary storage -Pools of water near reactors-Very few permanent locationsLow level waste is burnedIntermediate level waste is solidified in concrete then burned underground

Biggest concerns-No solution to waste problem-transportation of waste poses risks-Plutonium is the most dangerous material known-Waste leaks are always possible-No one knows true effects of nuclear power

Impacts on the environment-Clean up of the US would cost about $300 billion throughout 2070-Mutated animals-Poisonous gas, water and soil-Cancerous to humans

Impacts on Humans-Exposure ranges from rashes, vomitting and diarrhea to a coma or death-Many types of cancer-Birth deffects-May cause mutations

Real World ExampleChernobyl

One of the worlds worst nuclear meltdowns in historyChernobyl, Ukraine

-Resulted from a flawed reactor design-Killed 30 people in the immediate months following-Over 4,000 cases of thyroid cancer reported-Nature has taken over the city today

Buy In:In the near future, our environment may be depleted of useful resources because nuclear waste disrupts their quality



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