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Radio is a movie based on the true story of Coach Jones and James "Radio" Kennedy at T.L. Hanna High School in Anderson, South Carolina. Coach Jones met "Radio" in 1964 after he was being bullied by some of the football players, and after spending some time together, Coach Jones and Radio became great friends. Radio helped with the football and basketball teams, as well as helped within the school system. It was a difficult road, but everyone grew to love Radio!

RADIOMovie ProjectSPE 690

Radio cheering the team on from the sidelines!.

INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY…means significantly subaverage general intellectual functioning, existing concurrently [at the same time] with deficits in adaptive behavior and manifested during the developmental period, that adversely affects a person’s educational performance.

The towns people struggled to accept Radio at first and Coach Jones was highly criticized for having Radio on the sidelines. Coach Jones had to keep a constant eye on Radio to make sure he wasn't getting himself into trouble.

James Robert "Radio" Kennedy was a man with an intellectual disability. He was unable to read and write, and barely spoke when Coach Jones first met him. Throughout the film Radio learns to read and write a little, but certainly learns to speak much more fluently!

Radio & Coach Jones

The movie trailer below gives a brief snynopsis of the relationship that develops between Coach Jones and Radio. I have always loved this movie because of the joy Radio brings to the entire town, and the love that he brings to Coach Jones and his family. One of my favorite parts of the movie is shown in the trailer, when he is picking out an outfit for Christmas evening and "shows" Coach Jones his pants over the phone. I love this movie and highly reccommend it, especially for someone who enjoys sports!

Radio stuggled to read, write, and speak. His disabilities also led to a lot of bullying, especially from the football team. The school board thought he was dangerous to have around.

Today-- Coach Jones and Radio are as close as ever. Coach Jones has retired from coaching, but Radio has not retired from his job. He can still be found walking the halls of T.L. Hanna making sure everyone is following rules, or at football, basketball, or mens' soccer games, rooting on the Yellow Jackets!


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