Radio Milestones

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Radio Milestones

Radio Milestones


1887- Heinrich Hertz discovers radio waves. Heinrich Hertz proved the physical existance of radio waves through a number of experiments with a transmitter.

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1894- The Coherer is popularised- an item used to detect radio raves. Frenchman, Eduoard Branly is the first person the use the coherer.

Marconi1895- Marconi sent and received the first radio signal in Italy.1898-First ship to shore transmission took place on Christmas Eve when Marconi successfully made contact between the South Foreland Lighthouse, near Dover, and the East Goodwin Lightship.1899- Marconi flashed the first wireless signal across the English Channel1901- First Transatlantic Transmission- it was set up between Cornwall, England and Cape Cod, Massetchusetts (USA)

1970s- Talk and open-line radio were popular. Radio continued to to be a vital part of the community and, with talk-back, listeners felt even closer.

1956- Television was launched in Australia. It was expected that radio would die because tv was radio with pictures. And so the radio began to reinvent itself and become more of an info and music medium.

1980s- Commercial FM stereo radio commenced in Australia. The first commercial FM radio station in Australia, 3EON (now Triple M), commenced broadcast on July 11, 1980.


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