Radiation Therapist

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Radiation Therapist

- Work full time hours- Employed in hospitals- Exposed to diseases

-Attend a University (not sure which)-Get a job in the summer-Seek internships & volunteer to work with patients-Pass radiation exams and become certified-Eventually travel around the world

-Being challenged-Good listener-Hard worker-Enjoy helping others-Enjoy traveling-Enjoy being with family

IMPORTANT QUALITIESDetail Oriented: Following exact instructions and measurementsInterpersonal skills: Being comfortable and interacting with patients under stressPhysical stamina: Able to be on feet for long periods and lift patients that need helpTechnical skills: Comfortable with operating computers and other equipment


To become a radiation therapist. To help, treat and take care of patients with cancer and other diseases.

DUTIES- Explain treatment plans & answer questions- X Ray the patients to determine where they need treatment- Operate machines to treat with radiation- Monitor the patient for unusual reactions to the treatment- Keep records of everything

Career Goal


Earnings: $80,090 per yearJob Outlook: 14% (faster than average)Employment: 19,100 are employed

Plans & Goals

-Have a highschool dimploma-Have an associate's or bachelor's degree-Take human anatomy, physics, computer science-Complete a 12-month certificate program tobecome ARRT certified in radiation


Working conditions


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