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My Personal ThoughtsI enjoyed this book for a number of reasons. This book is not something that I really believe in, but I enjoyed reading this and experining it from a fantasy viewpoint. I could really appreciate the author's way of creating a mystery out of places in the book that are later revealed to be something entirely different. I'm looking forward to reading more in the series. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading fantasy books. It really is an other world type book.


ClimaxThe suspense of the story is in two main places. First, when Riley is facing The Radiant Boy, the reader wonders What will happen to Riley? Will she leave or will she stay, face her fears, and get them to move on? The other suspenseful place in the story is when Bodhi is facing the woman he was supposed to being to get to move on.

Main CharactersRiley is the first main character from the beginning. She kind of has a spunky, fun attitude that nobody else in the here after place really gets. She died in a car accident, which killed her dad, her mom, and her dog, Buttercup. However, her sister, Ever, lived, so Riley ends up being a little attached to the earth plane. Riley ends up getting placed as a soul catcher where she has to try and get people who have not moved on from the earth plane. Unfortunately, they start her off with a complicated task. Bodhi is the second main character. He is a nerdy-looking guy who at first approaches Riley as just another classmate, but she soon finds out he is her guide. He died of cancer right before he was about to go pro in skatebording and he had a big mission to complete.

by AUTHORAlyson Noel

Book ReportGlog by Raquel Viers

ConflictThe main conflict of the story is that Riley wasn't ready to die because she was only 12 years old. Her sister had survived the car accident and was still very involved in the earth plane. More conflict in the story is that Riley was a sould catcher and her task was to accomplish something that noone else had ever been able to do.

Setting The story setting is a little complicated. It is both in an after-life type setting that was made out to be similar to her old neighborhood and also in a quicly deteriorating castle. Some of the parts of the castle are painted in vivid, bright colors, while other parts are drab and dreary. They also fly over the city of London during the end of the story and see Big Ben , other landsmarks, buildings, and lots of people.

Minor charactersThe Radiant Boy is Riley's first mission. The Radiant Boy is not actually one boy, but three. He, or actually they, are boys that have been lingering in a castle scaring every tourist htat entered. It was Riley's job to try and get them to cross over, but all others who had tried to do it had failed. The only reason they had stayed there is because they had thought they were famous, wihich they kind of were, but they thought they were just as famous as the Backstreet Boys.

ExpositionRiley thinks that Bodhi is just some nerdy person and that she should be guiding him. He helps her get to her job, but he really isn't a help. She goes into the problem alone. After she gets through with her problem, though, she ends up heping Bodhi with his. She tried to give him hope while he swallowed all of the sorrows from the woman who was framed to make it look like she had killed her own children. Riley helped by staying back like Bodhi had told her to. Riley helped him do what he was supossed to do.

ResolutionBohdi had promised Riley that he would teach her how to fly and that they would fly to London. When they finished with Bohdi's problem, he did teach her how to fly, along with her dog, just as he had promised. When they flew over London, there was a building there that you could see reflection really well in and she could see her "glow" and was really proud of it. She had achieved her task of helping the Radiant Boys to move on. The glow was something she had earned by completing her assignment. After she saw her "glow", she found realized that it wasn't necessary for her to be so attached to the earth plane any longer and she decided to go back and visit her home in the hereafter.

Publisher's Weekly Review -- RADIANCERiley, who appeared in ghost form to her older sister, Ever, in Noël's bestselling Evermore, takes center stage in this middle-grade spinoff, first in a planned series. Having recently crossed over into the afterworld, Riley has reunited with her parents, who were killed in the same accident, but is having trouble adjusting. "I'd do anything to go back home," she admits. When she gets assigned to be a Soul Catcher, persuading dead people to "cross the bridge and move on," she is thrilled to return to Earth in spirit form, even if it means traveling with Bodhi, a "dorky" teenage guide. As she and Bodhi help the deceased cross over (at one point, they are sucked into the grieving soul of a mother wrongly executed for her children's murders), the assignments help her, too. If Riley is bratty—a fact she realizes after viewing video recaps of her brief life ("Are these like—edited—or maybe even, um, you know, Photoshopped, or something?")—her wit, attitude, and maturation should have readers gladly following her into the second installment. Ages 9–12. (Sept.)

The Weeping Woman

Book Quote:Most people think that death is the end. The end of life --- of good times---the end of, well, pretty much everything.


Buttercup and Bohdi

Author's Message"I may be dead, but I'm still pretty." -- Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Warmington Castle

ADDITIONAL FACTOIDS*178 pages*Cover Photographs by Hiroshi Watanabe/Gallery Stock*Published in 2010*Alyson Noel is a New York Times Best-Selling Author of The Immortals*This book is the first in a new series of Alyson Noel books


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