Racism: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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Racism: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


"'Goodness gracious! anybody hurt?"'No'm. Killed a nigger''Well, it's lucky; because sometimes people do get hurt" (Twain 221).

"There was a free nigger there from Ohio. . . They said he was a p'fessor in a college, and could talk all kinds of languages, and knowed everything. And that ain't the wust. They said he could vote when he was at home. Well, that let me out. Thinks I, what is the country a-coming to?" (Twain 27).

"Here was this nigger, which I had as good as helped to run away, coming right out flat-footed and saying he would steal his children—children that belonged to a man I didn't even know; a man that hadn't ever done me no harm" (Twain 88).

"Because Mary Jane 'll be in mourning from this out; and first you know the nigger that does up the rooms will get an order to box these duds up and put 'em away; and do you reckon a nigger can run across money and not borrow some of it?" (Twain 177).

"They hain't no right to shut him up! Shove!--and don't you lose a minute turn him loose! he ain't no slave; he's as free as any cretur that walks this earth!" (Twain 289).

"A couple of nigger-traders come along, and the king sold them the niggers reasonable, for three-day drafts as the called it, and away they went, the two sons up the river to Memphis, and their mother down to Orleans" (Twain 182).

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"There was the Sunday-school, you could 'a' gone to it; and if you'd 'a' done it they'd 'a' learnt you there that people that acts as I'd been acting about that nigger goes to the everlasting fire" (Twain 212).

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"He nearly cried he was so glad, but he warn’t surprised. Said he swum along behind me thatnight, and heard me yell every time, but dasn’t answer, because he didn’t want nobody to pick him up and take him into slavery again" (Twain 111).

"[E]verbody naturally despises an ungrateful nigger, and they'd make Jim feel it all the time, and he'd feel ornery and disgraced. And then think of me! It would get all around that Huck Finn helped a nigger to get his freedom; and if I was ever to see anybody from that town again i'd be ready to get down and lick his boots for shame" (Twain 212).

"We scrouched down and laid still. Miss Watson's big nigger, Jim, was setting in the kitchen. . ." (Twain 4).


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