Racing to adoption

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Racing to adoption

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Racing for survival

Greyhounds live their lives on the race track, not knowing what outside daily life is really about. They do not know what it’s like to be a “normal” dog. Sickness and injuries have claimed greyhounds’ lives. They have been forced to race in extreme conditions from subzero temperatures to heat despite their lack of body fat and thin coats.

Greyhounds are low-maintenance. They are commonly mistaken for their energy due to their speed, but it is in fact that they are “45-mile-per-hour couch potatoes.” As for their health, they are one of the healthiest breeds, living between 12 to 15 years. Because they have been raised as athletes, many of the health issues are eliminated.

The Couch Potato Award goes to ...

By giving a greyhound the perfect home, you will be introducing them to the daily sights and sounds commonly found at home. With some adjusting, understanding and love, they will adapt quickly into the perfect pet.

Easy as 1 ... 2 ... 3

Depending on the adoption group, you could have your dog in as little as a week to two weeks. It could take longer if you are looking for a specific gender or color. The groups will interview you and your family to see if a greyhound is a perfect match. They also ask for references. Your adoption fee covers pretty much everything, including spaying/neutering, vaccinations, heartworm tests, thyroid test, bloodwork and dental cleaning.

Lovable and fun

There is nothing better and more rewarding than seeing greyhounds be “normal dogs” and in turn, they will change your world.


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