Racial Riot 1964

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Racial Riot 1964

1964 Racial Riot Thoughts about the most significant riot in Singapore- In my opinion, I think that the 1964 Racial Riot was the most significant riot in Singapore. My thought about the Riot is that if the Racial riot didnt happen, we would not know what tragedy it could bring to us. Most importantly, after the Riot, people would recall about the unpleasant things they have been through , and the history about the riot would be pass down from generation to genarations as a form of reminder to not start a racial riot again. What happened in the Riot- The Riot happened on the 21 July 1964, it all started when a troop of malay, which was approximately 25000 of them, gather at Padang to celebrate muhammad's birthday. They were suppose to form a celebratory procession from Padang all the way to Geylang. On their way, a group of chinese onlookers went to jeer at the malays marchers and they even threw item such as bottles at them. A group of malay started to disperse from the procession to look for the one who started the trouble. When a policeman went to confront them to join back the procession. Instead of obeying the warning which was given, they assulted the policeman. Disorder started to spread quick from that point. At that time, the riot between the chinese and malay started. On the first day of rioting, 4 people were killed and 178 of them were injured. At the end of the Rioting, 22 people were died and 454 people were injured. Among all the injured people, most of them are found with head injuries.Causes of Riot- On 12 July 1964, United Malays National Organization (UMNO) held a convention of about 150 Malay organisations in Singapore. The meeting was held by Syed Jaafar Albar, who is a secretary-general of UMNO in Malaya. In the meeting he concluded that the malays in Singapore have not been treated fairly and well by the PAP Government. He urged the malays to unite and overcome the unfair treatment which they had thought. From hearing that the Malay were frustrated about it so they thought to make a riot of it. Impact the Riot had done to singapore The riot have cause Singapore to be a multi racial country, as the riot have made us reflect on the foolish things that we had done just to cause a riot. Beside that, it also make us realise that once we are united, that would make us become a stronger nation. It had made us to show kindness to any type of races, that why Singapore became a multi racial country. Lesson that we can learn from the RiotFrom the Riot we can learn to respect each other, regardless of race and religion. Since the battle between the chinese and the malay were such a nightmare, we should learn what we did from there so that we can change and improve ourself. From the previous Racial Riot we can also learn to not commit in another riot.

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1964 Racial Riot


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