Racial Prejudice And Discrimination Of African Americans

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African-American History

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Racial Prejudice And Discrimination Of African Americans

Racial Predjudice and Discrimination of African Americans

Throughout history, all minorities have been stereotyped, predjudiced, or discriminated against at one time or another. African Americans were one of the most harshly prejudiced and discriminated groups by the majority.

Time Line


Tulsa Race Riot

In the south, there was a custom that the front seats of the bus were to be reserved for whites. Rosa Parks stood up against this by not giving up her seat in front on December 1, 1955. She began the Montgomery bus boycott when jailed, which lasted for more than a year and reformed Alabama segregation laws.

When the Sigma Alpha Episilon fraternity members chanted a racist song on a bus, two of the participants were expelled. Their blatant racism was swiftly met with punishment by the law, but what if they hadn't sung a song to proclaim white power? In my opinion, they would not have been punished if they had made racist remarks rather than a chant. How much racism is accepted in society today? Racism has become another fact of living in America, and seems to only be noticed when it gets 'out of hand' or 'unacceptable'.

Premeired on April 11, 2010, the show "Basketball Wives" portrays African American women as overdramatic, obnoxious figures that do nothing but talk about men and gossip. This show exclusively shows the women talking about men and fashion. Nearly the whole program is of them fighting each other over who said what, and who is dating who.

The Tulsa Race Riot was a burning of the most wealthy black community in the U.S. after World War One. Eight hundred African Americans were admitted to white hospitals, the 'colored' hospitals were burned down. Death toll: 39 officially, estimates 55-300. Whites attacked the black community simply because of race.


Montgomery Bus Boycott


Greensboro Lunch Counter Sit-Ins



"Basketball Wives"

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Scandal

Four students in Greensboro,North Carolina decide to end racial segregation at the nation's largest lunch counter chain of the time-- Woolworth's. This began the non-violent protesting campaigns.

Popular Stereotypes

Some popular stereotypes that can be noted in almost any t.v. show or movie today include:-"Best friend" role, where the African American person seems to only want to help the main (white) character, even at his own expense.-"Thug" role, where the African American person is always the antagonist and is not as smart as the white character.-"Brash Woman" role, where African American women are overdramatic, always talking about fashion, or each other.-"Athlete" role, where the male African American is althletic, not as smart as the white characters, and only plays basketball.These can be noted in crime shows such as NCIS, reality t.v. shows such as Basketball Wives, or in movies such as the 18th century Big Minstrel Jubilee (shown left).


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