Racial Categorizaton

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Racial Categorizaton

I Won't Stand For ...

I won't stand for this because what racial group you say they're in will affect the person that your saying it to , and since they don't know you they will judge and assume what your not.

Let's pretend your a new kid at school because you moved to a new place. The first day of school you go in class and see mostly white kids and not much of your race. They come up to you and ask you questions. They assume you are african/chinese/etc..? Wouldn't that make you feel baffled because they just judgedyou on how you look on the outside, but inside your mix of races or a different ethnic group ?

Racial Categorization

If your intrested in this issue DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Like:1) Get to know someone before you judge.2) Don't let others tell what ethnic group your from/who you are.3) Help out the person even if your a different race.

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