Rachel Wishful Travel Scrapbook

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by rachelwentling
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Rachel Wishful Travel Scrapbook

Rachel's WishfulTravel Scrapbook

The Caribbean SeaI want to go to the Caribbean Sea beacause it sounds like such a beutiful place to go.

CanadaI have always wanted to go to Canada to see the northern lights. I think the northern lights are just amazingly beutiful!!

MexicoI would like to go to Mexico because I would like to see the Mayan ruins.

SpainI want to go to Spain because my mom lived in Spain for a little bit and she said that Spain is real cool.

The Ring of FireI would like to go to the Ring of Fire because I have always wanted to see real life valcanos.

EjiptI want to go to Ejipt because I would like to see the great spinx.


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