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Rachel Renee Russell

Rachel Renee Russell

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INSPIRATIONJeff Kinney and Meg Cabot is her inspiration. Jeff Kinney writes the series Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Meg Cabot is the author of Princess Diaries.

JOBSShe is an attorney ( lawyer)but she prefers writing more than law.

MY OPINIONI like her dork diaries series because she draws awesome pictures,she adds alot of humor to her books and it's based on real life experiences her daughter Nikki had in middle school.SHE IS SO CREATIVE AND FUN!!!!!!

FIRST BOOKShe was in 6th grade when she wrote her first book she gave it as a present to her brother for his birthday.


EVENTSRachel is looking forward to adopting three children in the future.

INFORMATION-Born in Saint Joseph Michigan-lives in Northern Virginia-Has two dogs 1.Miniture Poodle 2.Yorkie

IDEAS-Rachels books are based on real life experiences she and her daughter nikki had in middle school -Rachel likes to write about stories that have an exciting journey that will lead readers to self discovery.-Her daughter Nikki helps with illustrations and her other daughter Erin helps with writing.

EXCERPTIn the the book not so popular party girl rachel uses a simile that says,"the horrible memories from makenzie's party came flooding into my brain like a massive tidal wave."Nikki feels horrible because she had gotten embarrassed in front of everyone in makenzie's party.

FACTS -She has 12 million books in print and in 34 different languages -80% of all her books are written on her daughters real life experiences-

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