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Rachel Fuller Brown

PhD Organic Chemistry


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Awarded with the Chemical Pioneer Award (1975)

Born: November 23, 1898, Springfield,MassachusettsDied:January 14, 1980,St. Peter's Hospital, Albany, New York

Rachel fuller Brown, in collaboration with Elizabeth Lee Hazen, patented Nystatin. Nystatin was the first antifungal antibiotic that proved effective on humans. In 1954 Nystatin was sold in a tablet form, Mycostatin.

After their breakthrough with Nystatin, Hazen and Brown continued research and patented phalamycin and capacidin.

Upon receiving her PhD, she took a job with the department of health and helped in developing a vaccine for pneumonia.

She attended Mount Holyoke College as a history major. She eventually decided to double major in history and chemistry.

Rachel Fuller Brown

Chemical formula of Nystatin

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