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Rachel F

Being mean over the internet is not cool! So here is some advice on how you can handle situations such as Cyberbullying.


Be Safe and Smart when you are on the internet!!!

Posting is something some of us have the freedom to do , but you should always be careful on what you are putting on the internet. Don't post something you are going to regret in the future. Posting something that can come back at you or harm you is not a good idea either.

If you are being mean over the internet please just consider the following. What you type is not anonymous. Parents, teachers, even police can figure out who you are. Also what you post on the internet is forever so be careful what you are saying. Cyberbullying can get you in serious trouble so don't do it.

You never know who you can trust on the internet so only respond to people you know and never give off your personal information.

Always make sure you are prepared for a situation if you are the one being cyberbullied. Don't repeat mean things back and get an adult to help you. Remember, being responding in a negative way makes you just as bad.

Make the internet safe!



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