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Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson was born on May 27, 1907 in Springdale, Pennsylvania. She was originally taught by her mother at home, where she gained most of her knowledge. After grade school, she went on to a college called Pennsylvania for Women, known as the Chatham University today. Rachel’s first major was in literature, but was later changed to biology. She was able to experience what marine biology was like. She was eventually able to teach at the Josh Hopkins University. Carson’s first career involved being an aquatic biologist in the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries. During this time, she became a full-time writer. Her first book, Under the Sea-Wind was about the adventures of the sea. It was her first novel, and it grabbed the attention of many people. She began writing about the sea, which evolved into a new book titled The Sea Around Us. In the 1950’s, Rachel started her attention towards the world; the environment in general. She believed that DDT was doing harm to the outside world. Her arguments were put in a book titled Silent Spring. This novel was a best-seller at the time and had other people think and question about her arguments. This book was made to testify the use of pesticides. Carson believed that the chemicals in DDT could give people cancer, kill fish, harm birds, and endanger other species of animals. This eventually let DDT to an end, banning it everywhere in the world. Before her arguments became clear with her, she died of breast cancer on April 14, 1962 in Silver Spring, Maryland.


9107- Born on May 271925- Attends college for women and majors in science1936- Appointed Junior Aquatic Biologist with the Bureau of Fisheries1951- Book titled The Sea Around Us published1962- Silent Spring finally published1963- Testifies against the use of pesticides1964- Died on April 14

(1963)Under the Sea-Wind: This was her first big story (1962) Silent Spring: This book helped people recognize what was happening to their planet.(1963) Testifying the use of pesticides: This eventually killed DDT, helping to create better means of living.(1970) EPA: The EPA helps with pollution prevention and decreased the use of pesticides. She helped establish the service.

Lasting Impact

Rachel Carson’s most significant contribution would be her acts against pesticides. Her books helped her in this process. With her arguments against the DDT, the amount of pesticides decreased. This action created a cleaner environment for everyone and everything. She also gave part into the ideas of the Environmental Protection Agency, which was fully put into action by Nixon on December 2, 1970. Her affect still goes on today. The use of pesticides has remained low and the EPA is still in business. This was definitely one of the greatest accomplishments in her lifetime. This was all because of a best-seller titled Silent Spring. If this book were not created, the warning of damage created by pesticides would either be overlooked or wouldn’t have a great change.

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