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Rachel Carson

1907 - May 27th Born 1918 - Published 1st Story25-29 - Attended College1932 - MA in Zoology1935 - Writes radio script1937 - Retires as editor in chief of USFWS1941- Under the Sea-Wind1947 - First of 5 publications for Conservation in action series1950 - Breast cancer tumor removed1951 - The Sea Around Us published1952 - Won book award + Medal1955 - The Edge of the Sea published1957 - Adopts Boy after mothers death1960 - Mastectomy for Breast Cancer1964 - April 14th Died

Rachel Carson was a writer, a scientist, and an ecologist. She grew up in Pennsylvania in the town of Springdale. She got her love of nature from her mother. After she got her masters in Marine Biology, she was hired by the U.S. Beauro of Fisheries to write radio scripts. Shortly after she began work for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service where she worked for 15 years and became the editor in chief. After a long battle with breast cancer, Carson died from the cancer in April on '64.




Rachel Carson



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