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Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson



Silent Spring gives the readers an indepth look at how harmful insectisides are for the human body and the environment around us. Carson tells us about how the continusous use of these harmful chemicals, such as DD,T inscets will only adapt themselves to the chemicals. Once the insects adapts themselves to these chemicals scientist and engineers are forced to create a more powerful insceticside. These new inscetisides are even more harmful to the human body and the world around us. The chemicals are not just killing inscets they are killing birds and even humans. Once the chemicals are in the soil they stay there.

Although, Rachel Carson has written many books the book she is known best for is Silent Spring. The book focus' on how insectisides kill more than just bugs. Carson is also know for her aggressive action towards making the public well aware of what these insectisides are to the world we live in.

Slient Spring

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Rachel Carson was born in Springdale, Pennsylvania. Throughout her life she loved to write, but it was her passion for Marine Biology that took her to Pennsylvania College for Women. She also went John Hopkins University to study Zoology. Rachel was hired by the US Bureau of Fishery. She was hired to wrtie articles about the natural histories of Science.

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The Cold War was still on going in the year that Rachel Carson first published her book, Silent Spring. Cuba was threating the US with the use of nuclear missiles, which the Russians placed in Cuba. JFK called Russia bluff in the use of these weapons and ordered these missiles to be removed, and they were eventually. JFK also announced that before the decade was over US would put a man on the moon. The music at the time was also cause problem, folk music was starting to be called protest music.




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